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You're bored of second-guessing. You're frustrated with having brief moments of elation only to find them fleeting and gone. 

You're yearning for more, for a deeper meaning, for contentment that seems like a dream. 

You know you're destined for greater things. It's now time to allow yourself to have it all. To find the courage and direction to dig deep and discover your inner purpose and peace.

I am the warrior on your new path, using my blueprint of workbooks, essential oils, affirmations, meditations, journaling, and gentle coaching to slowly peel back layers of yourself that you're so longing to shed. 

During your bespoke Life & Wellness coaching, I'll help you to reveal renewed vigor, enthusiasm, and motivation for life and work.

A fresh, new feeling of balance and clarity is closer than you think.

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I've been qualified in holistic & beauty therapy for over 26 years. During those wonderful years, I've travelled the world, experienced work on luxurious cruise ships, built my own salon & set up a training school business, teaching holistic therapies. 

There's always been an element of holistic coaching, involved within running the training school. Our students become part of a powerful tribe, discovering their inner selves & growing into therapists who go on to spread the peace of holistic treatment across the world.

I realised, along my own journey, that I felt incredibly inspired to help people on an individual basis, from all walks of life. This led me to coaching. 

An important part of my holistic approach to coaching is the use of essential oils, to support, balance & assist the emotional breakthrough that many experience during coaching.
It is my passion, to combine the power of essential oil with the natural power already existing inside of you to unlock endless holistic potential. 

We will work together if you are ready to open your mind & heart to new possibilities, to start trusting your inner voice & begin to allow it to guide you, 

to embrace new skills & adopt a fresh mindful way of living



So many of us have become overwhelmed with the constant change over the past year.

For some, it has been a struggle to adjust and pivot these new roles, and phases.

It may have led you to question why you do what you do, and what happiness and contentment look like.

With the pandemic still affecting the world and the cost of living crisis, you want to be clear on your message, where your heart is, and how your business and life will look.

It's time to re-discover your true purpose, to define the direction you want to go in, and to get clarity, energy, and courage to surround your path.

Using 4 different essential oil blends posted to you, over 4 weeks, we will work as a group, a collective of energy and power to practice guided meditations and journaling to help gently discover the answers that already rest within you.

So often we don’t allow ourselves the time or headspace to let these answers come to us. Giving yourself permission for just one hour a week for 4 weeks will make way for some amazing clarity.

Each session will work on a different part of your journey from combating stress, releasing the feelings of overwhelm, to believing in yourself and your skills, to becoming abundant.

It's time to finally clear the fog.

Next course dates TBA 

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